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Ⅲ.Cloze(30 points)

Directions:For each blank in the following passage,there are four choices marked A,B,C and D.choose the one that is most suitable and mark your answer by blackening the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet.

The Nobel Prizes are awards that are given each year for special things that people or group of people have achieved.They are awarded in six 21:physics,chemistry,medicine,literature,peace and economics.

The prizes come from 22 that was created by the Swedish inventor Alfred Nobel.He wanted to use some of his money to help make the world a 23 place to live.

Many organizations,chosen by Alfred Nobel himself,24 who receives the prizes.Each award

25 a gold medal,a diploma and a lot of money.Prices can only be given to 26 of all races,

countries and religions.Only the Peace Prize can 27 be given to a group.

The first Nobel Prizes were handed out 28 December 10,1901-five years after Alfred Nobel’s death.Nobel was a chemist,engineer and inventor 29 most famous invention,dynamite,made him a 30 man.

Although he gave the world such a 31 weapon,Nobel was always against wars and 32.He therefore left a lot of money that was to go to those who did a lot for the peace of 33.

Officials at first handed out only five prizes a year.The prize 34 economics was first awarded in 1969.In years prizes have not been awarded because there were no 35 candidates.

All prizes are presented in Stockholm,Sweden,only the Peace Prize is awarded in Oslo,Norway.

21.A.parts B.areas C.regions D.classes

22.A.a bond B.a fund C.a scholarship D.an investment

23.A.cleaner B.richer C.better D.larger

24.A.declare B.conclude C.determine D.announce

25.A.makes up B.focuses on C.refers to D.consists of

26.A.organizations B.singles C.institutions D.individuals

27.A.yet B.also C.still D.ever

28.A.on B.in C.at D.by

29.A.who B.that C.whose D.whom

30.A.humorous B.rich C.serious D.smart

31.A.strange B.mysterious C.magic D.deadly

32.A.violence B.hatred C.confusion D.jealousy

33.A.races B.regions C.mind D.mankind

34.A.for B.of C.with D.in

35 A.valuable B.invaluable C.worthy D.worthwhile

21~25 BBCDD

26~30 DAACB

31~35 DADAC

Ⅳ.Reading Comprehension(60 points)

Directions:There are five reading passages in this part.Each passage is followed by four questions.For each question there are four suggested answers marked A,B,C and D.choose the best answer and blacken the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet.

Passage One

My grandfather came from Hungary and was the only one in his family who settled down in the United States.The rest of his family remained in Europe.When World War I broke out,he seemed to have become another man,downherated.Such obvious change was not born out of his welfare,but out of fear:if his only son,my uncle,had to go to war,it would be cousin fighting against cousin.

One day in 1918,my Uncle Milton received his draft notice.My grandparents were very upset.But my mother,at the age of 10,felt on top of the world about her soldier brother going off to war.Realizing how he was regarded by his little sister and all of her friends,my uncle bought them all service pins,which meant that they had a loved one in the service.All the little girls were delighted.

The moment came when my uncle and the other soldiers,without any training but all in uniforms,boarded the train.The band played and the crowd cheered.Although no one noticed,I’m sure my grandmother had a tear in her eye for the only son.The train slowly pulled out,but not about a thousand yards when it suddenly paused.Everyone stared in wonder as the train slowly returned to the station.There was a dead silence before the doors opened and the men started to step out.Someone shouted,”The war is over.”For a moment,nobody moved,but then the people heard someone bark orders at the soldiers.The men lined up in two lines,walked down the steps,and with the band playing,marched down the street,as returning heroes,to be welcomed home.My mother said it was great day,but she was just a little disappointed that it didn’t last a tiny bit longer.

36.What the grandfather was most worried about was.

A.the spread of the world war

B.the safety of his living two cousins

C.a drop in his living standards

D.his relatives killing each other

37.The underlined phrase“draft notice”means“”.

A.order for army service

B.train ticket for Europe

C.letter of rejection

D.note of warning

38.What did the“service pins”(in Para.2)stand for in the dyes of the little girls?



39.Which of the following words can best describe the ending of the story?



36~39 DADB

Passage Two

Three years ago,five parrots were set free in a wild place of Arizona,thousands of miles from the Channel Islands in Jersey sher they had been looked after by zookeepers.No evolutionary strategies informed them how to behave in this new Landscape of mountainous pine forest unoccupied by their king for 50 years.To the researchers’surprise,they failed to make contact with a group of wild parrots imported from Mexico and set free at the same time.Within 24 hours the reintroducing ended in failure,and the poor birds were back in cages,on their way to the safety of the Arizona reintroduction programme.

Ever since then,the programme has enjoyed great success,mainly because the birds now being set free are Mexican birds illegally caught in the wild,confiscated(没收)on arrival north of the border,and raised by their parents in the safety of the programme.The experience shows how little we know about the behaviour and psychology(心理)of parrots,as Peter Bennett,a bird researcher,points out:”Reintroducing species of high intelligence like parrots is a lot more difficult.People like parrots,always treating them as nothing more than pers or valuable‘collectables’.”

Now that many species of parrot are in immediate danger of dying out,biologists are working together to study the natural history and the behaviour of this family of birds.Last year was an important turning point:conservationists founded the World Parrot Trust,based at Hayle in Cornwall,to support research into both wild and caged birds.

Research on parrots is vital for two reasons.Forest,as the Arizona programme showed,when reintroducing parrots to the wild,we need to be aware of what the birds must know if they are to survive in their natural home.We also need to learn more about the needs of parrots keot as pets,particularly as the Trust’s campaign does not attempt to discourage the practice,but rather urges people who buy parrots as pets to choose birds raised by humans.

40.What do we know about the area where the five parrots were reintroduced?

A.Its landscape is new to parrots of their king.

B.It used to be home to parrots of their kind.

C.It is close to where they had been kept.

D.Pine trees were planted to attract birds.

41.The reintroducing experience three years ago shows that man-raised parrots ______.

A.can find their way back home in Jersey

B.are unable to recognize their parents

C.are unable to adapt to the wild

D.can produce a new species

42.Why are researches on parrots important according to the passage?

A.The Trust shows great concern for the programme.

B.We need to knows more about how to preserve parrots

C.Many people are interested in collecting parrots.

D.Parrots’intelligence may some day benefit people.

43.According to the passage,people are advised_______.

A.to treat wild and caged parrots equally

B to set up comfortable homes for parrots

C.not to keep wild parrots as pets

D.not to let more parrots go to the wild

40~43 BCBC




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